“I lead an organization of three to four thousand employees, operating in eleven states. I have partnered with Allen Tappe many times to build a holistic workplace culture, which focuses on personal and professional growth and accountability. Allen is an exceptionally skilled communicator, who blends his own personal life and professional experiences into diverse contexts to connect with people at a core level. He inspires in others the ability to recognize opportunities for improvement and the desire to make better choices in their lives. I work with Allen because he is an effective change agent…he helps me to build my team.”
— Steve Goodall Former BNSF Railway Co. AVP-Chief Engineer

“Allen Tappe has been a consultant to Caton & Taylor Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for over 10 years. In his annual two-day counselling sessions he has helped us create a culture of excellence and achievement. When he is here with us we have invited several diverse groups in our community to hear him speak. Teachers, business people and dental staffs as well as church groups have benefitted from his teaching. They all want to know when he is coming again! I know that the impact he has had on the lives he has touched goes beyond the bottom line of the business or profession. Teaching us to live life on purpose has given many in his audience the ability to move beyond success to significance.”
— Caton & Taylor Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

“Allen Tappe is one of the most skilled and gifted speakers that I have had the privilege to work with. He has the unique ability to read his audience and adapt, when necessary, to get maximum engagement from his listeners. Not only is his expertise effective on shorter speeches but he can hold an audience captive in a full day seminar. He is current, well read and diverse in his approach. The bottom line is that his message connects with people.”
— James Bankes Samsill President and CEO

“Purposed Performance” is one of the few books where I felt like I found specific, practical things to do. I would not only read some very encouraging and inspiring thoughts, I would finish a particular chapter and say, “I can try that” or “I will do that.” Then, I would come back to the book the next day or the next week and realize that a particular suggestion of Allen’s really worked, or that he had a specific idea that changed my life, or by following a purpose concept that my life was different and better. The great thing is each chapter had several suggestions, ideas and purpose concepts like this and I’ll spend years trying them all!

If you want inspiration, encouragement, hope, read “Purposed Performance.” If you want to change, perform with a purpose, find direction, enjoy all facets of life more than you ever have, DO “Purposed Performance!”
— Jim Eggleston General Counsel/COO, Energy Technology Group, Inc. Owner, Star E Ranch and Star E Cattle Co.

The Power of Purposed Performance offers life changing knowledge. This book has allowed me to take a look at myself and understand the power of choice and its affects on my life. Understanding this is the key to my success both professionally and personally.”

“Coaching with The Tappe Group has positively influenced my relationships both professional as well as personal. Through coaching I have increased my business exponentially. With their guidance I have grown to understand the power of purposed performance while accepting the accountability that comes with this knowledge. This has been a positive life changing decision for me. I now embrace the hard work and the great rewards in my future.”
— Sarah Garrett The Smokey Garrett Team, Arlington, TX Keller Williams

Allen Tappe’s book, The Power of Purposed Performance, has been a major eye opener for me. He presents thought concepts that affect my views & decisions in everyday situations. I am grateful to him for his insights & ability to convey them in an easy to understand way.

— Wally Hardin Owner of The Man’s Shop in Arlington

“The thing I like about Allen Tappe is that he not only helps my business grow and prosper, but he also has taught me how to be a better person.”

— Cecil Eager Gruene Mansion Inn Owner

“My team has achieved unprecedented success over the past several years, and we attribute that to our relationship with Allen Tappe. For the first 15 years of our relationship, he served as my personal business coach. Now, he serves as CEO of our company. His coaching has led to a dramatic increase in team closings, and ultimately in overall productivity. He is an extremely effective trainer who understands the need for Purposed Performance in every dimension of life – physical, spiritual, professional, and personal. Balancing those four dimensions has made me not only a better professional, but a better person. I am honored to call him my business partner.”

— Randy White The Randy White Team Randy White Real Estate Services

“Few people come along in life that make a lasting difference. Life’s lessons are slow to learn and often forgotten. Finding the right solution at the right time rarely happens. Allen Tappe is one of those rare individuals that has the unique ability to help us clarify our goals and take the right action. He is the spark that lights the fire. I can’t imagine my world without him.”

— Dr. Tom Dawson

“Allen is a consummate speaking professional and one of the most engaging and dynamic speakers I have had opportunity to learn from.”

— Marlene Moore