Allen tappe, founder & owner


“It has been my privilege to spend the past twenty years ‘helping people choose’.  Having the opportunity to engage them in the process of discovering their own motivation as leaders by choosing not to be victimized by life has been both a humbling and growing experience for me. I look forward to the new opportunities the future holds.”

Allen Tappe established The Tappe Group in 1995. Since then, he has served as a professional speaker, trainer, and coach whose mission is to equip people with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the success they choose to pursue. Tappe continues to be the vision caster and inspiration within the organization.  His style is interactive and listener friendly while his message is challenging and inspiring. Tappe has been featured as the keynote speaker for various conventions and workshops across the country.

Tappe is the creator of Purposed Performance, an operating system for personal performance, growth, and development. The anchor message of Purposed Performance that Tappe consistently teaches to all audiences is that an individual must engage the conflict necessary to move from the bondage of being a victim to the freedom of being a Purposed Performer in order to achieve any real life success. Tappe provides valuable strategy and useful tools to help individuals make that vital choice. Tappe explains the Purposed Performance operating system in his two books, “The Power of Purposed Performance” and “Filling the Void”, along with his industry-specific book, “Selling Real Estate on Purpose”.

Over the years, Tappe has worked with over 40 different industries and professions, addressing challenges ranging from cultural development and communication to sales and customer service. He has worked with a diverse client base that includes doctors and lawyers, as well as teachers and accountants. He has worked with technology specialists, along with corporate executives. His diverse background allows him to relate to people right where they live and work.

Tappe began his professional career as a collegiate tennis champion, then later became a winning collegiate coach. His background includes mortgage banking, counseling and ministry, real estate, sales training and management. He is a graduate of Abilene Christian University. He has been married to Barbara Tappe for almost 50 years. He is the father of three beautiful daughters and has six exceptional grandchildren.


Jill santiago, president


 “I love what I do, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  I get to help people recognize their full potential in this life.  I get to go on a journey of self-discovery and development with them, and I get a front row seat to watch the transformation that occurs over the years.  It’s pretty incredible, and it’s an awesome honor.”

Jill Santiago has been a valued member of the Tappe Group since 2003 and now serves as President of the organization. Jill’s role as President is all encompassing. Jill oversees the overall direction and success of Tappe Group, but she also serves as a speaker, a trainer and a coach for several of our business relationships.

While at The Tappe Group, she has trained various groups ranging from small medical practices to large industrial companies. In addition, she currently provides personal coaching for several business professionals across the country. The messages Jill communicates to those she trains and coaches are always based upon and consistent with the operating system of Purpose Performance created by her father, Allen Tappe.

Graduating with a degree in Organizational Communication from Abilene Christian University, Jill moved directly into a position in the Organization and Human Performance Division for Accenture, one of the top technology-consulting corporations in the world. While working for Accenture, Jill specialized in communication and training, and supported some of the largest electronic and telecommunications companies in the nation. Her cutting-edge training and her corporate experience, along with her life-long commitment to the operating system of Purposed Performance, make Jill a perfect fit for The Tappe Group.

Jill has been married to Hector Santiago since 2004 and has an extraordinary son, Benjamin and a precious daughter, Lila.


greg bowles, coach & trainer


 “Working with The Tappe Group has been a great fit for my passion, skills, and purpose. People really can reach their goals. They often just need some support. We can be that layer of support needed for you, your team, or your organization.”

Greg is an ‘idea’ person that enjoys helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals by embracing a Purposed Performance lifestyle. He joined The Tappe Group in 2017 and has the primary role of being a coach and trainer as well as helping with the creative direction of the company.

Greg has worked as a consultant and advisor in a broad range of companies from non-profits, Dominos Inc., Subway, fitness gyms, and many others over the years. When he is not working with The Tappe Group, he is likely to be found running Property Doctors DFW which he started in 2015.

Having a background in philosophy and theology and working for a non-profit for over 10 years, Greg understands the importance of not just being successful in one area of your life.

“Reaching your goals professionally but not relationally or physically is not winning! Winning at life comes by achieving success in all of the major dimensions of your life. That’s the goal”

 Greg fully believes in the Purposed Performance lifestyle which says that better thinking, leads to a better perspective, that leads to a better performance.

He has always loved learning new things and traveling.  He is an avid reader, loves to be on the water in the summer and carving up the slopes in the winter. He has been married for over 14 years to his high school sweetheart, Tiffany. They have two amazing daughters and a blue pit bull named Boo.


meredith machial, director of operations


 “I love that I get to contribute my skills and experience to such a meaningful effort, while working closely with some of my favorite people!”

Meredith Machial joined the Tappe Group in 2014.  Meredith has a background in executive production for commercial visual effects and animation, working with clients from New York City to Japan.  She is the owner and founder of Liason which connects advertising agencies and clients with the best creative talent from coast to coast.  Her 15 years of production experience make her the perfect fit to manage the inner workings of the Tappe Group.  Meredith and her husband Serge have recently relocated back to Texas from New York City.  They live in Dallas with their children Bowie and Farrah.