An owner or executive might think they know the cause of performance problems, when in reality, they are aware of mere symptoms. The underlying cause may be greater and more severe than any one individual realizes. On the other hand, the challenge may be far simpler or isolated than they assume. The key is to not assume, but to assess.

Often times, a company experiences performance issues or people challenges, but leaders do not know the cause.

An assessment is the first step a team takes in creating a Purposed Performance culture. This step allows The Tappe Group to:

  • Observe the current reality of an organization so that we can help you move forward in a purposed direction.

  • Get to know the individuals that will be critical in transforming the culture.

  • Invite those individuals to give their input and share any concerns they might have.

Contact us so that we can help you assess your current reality and move toward the future you want to create.

The Tappe Group’s training begins with philosophical fitness. Most training is performance-based; our training is philosophy-based. This is important, because instead of temporary change, it will bring lasting results for you and your team. Our training is positive, interactive, and challenging. Each engagement is customized to ensure relevance.

The Tappe Group offers customized training solutions to take your company to the next level.

How is our approach different? We use a distinct concept called “philosophical fitness”. Before a company can see performance improvements in any given area, their people must adjust their thinking. They must become “philosophically fit” as individuals before they can become successful contributing members of an organization.

Companies large and small look to us for training in the following:

Training alone will have limited results in any change process.  While foundational, it is not a stand alone answer.  Coaching provides the follow up accountability and support that individuals and companies need to continually grow and develop.

“Coaching is for everyone who, no matter their current level, wants to get from where they are to where they want to be.”
— Greg Bowles

The bottom-line impact of coaching with us is that we help you become better.  We equip you to grow both personally and professionally.  We challenge your status quo thinking, and we help you make the best choices possible in both life and work.

Many individuals invest in coaching for themselves to become more effective and more fulfilled. Many corporations invest in coaching for their people because of the dramatic impact that it can have on the bottom line.

Keynote speaking is meant to be inspirational, persuasive and an impactful opportunity for change within a group or culture. Our role is to help alter the minds of the organization and show them something they hadn’t seen, understood or believed before.


The Tappe Group

provides keynote speaking services for larger gatherings such as conventions and national sales meetings.

Keynote speaking is meant to be inspirational, persuasive and impactful. We challenge minds to think differently. Our framework of Purposed Performance is a new way of thinking. It can significantly provoke thought, without overwhelming a crowd. It's practical and powerful.

Our keynote topics can be found on the training tab, and our speeches are customized to meet the needs of each audience. When done correctly, an hour-long speech can make a life-long impact.

Purposed Performance is not intended to be a quick fix to a problem.  In most cases, the organizations we work with aren’t broken at all.  They simply want to take their business to the proverbial next level.  At The Tappe Group, we help leaders understand that often times the “next level” needs to be a level deeper before they can go a level higher.

At The Tappe Group, we help leaders understand that often times the “next level” needs to be a level deeper before they can go a level higher.  Purposed Performance helps teams establish the rock solid foundation they need to truly grow well.

We provide an ongoing layer of support to our corporate partners to help them practically and consistently apply Purpose Performance to their daily lives, both personally and professionally. We do that through a unique combination of assessments, training, and coaching.  Many of our corporate partners have been with us for over 10 years, some over 20 years. When you choose to be a corporate partner, we truly become an extension of your team.

Corporate Partnerships are customized based on the needs of an organization, but they all consist of three elements:

–  Initial Assessment:  In order to create a custom training and coaching plan for your organization, we need to get to know your organization.  The way we do that is by getting to know your people. 

– Training: In order for a team to grow, they all need access to new thought and inspiration.  We challenge teams to improve their performance, but we also help them understand why they should want to. 

– Coaching: This is a vital step that enables the execution of the training.  Often times, stand-alone training is a waste of time or at most provides short-lived success because there is no follow up.  Coaching provides both the advice and accountability necessary to effectively apply the training. 

To become a Corporate Partner and begin an incredible journey of Culture Transformation, contact the Tappe Group today.